Global Soil Partnership

Capacity development

GLOSOLAN is actively working to strengthen the analytical capacity of soil laboratories worldwide by organizing training sessions. 

Thanks to the support of international high-level experts, several online trainings on different topics related to soil analysis are currently under preparation. The trainings will be implemented in different languages and time zones, according to the trainer's availability, in order to allow a larger audience to attend the sessions. 


In particular, the topics listed below will be object of  GLOSOLAN training sessions for 2021:

Trainings on wet chemistry

Trainings on wet chemistry focus on the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) harmonized by GLOSOLAN and the technical manuals released by the network since its establishment in 2017. Training topics range from the preparation of the soil samples for analysis to health and safety, and the procurement, functioning and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

GLOSOLAN's top-experts on each topic will guide participants through the execution of each GLOSOLAN procedure with the support audio visual material where available. GLOSOLAN partners from the industry will be invited to answer participants questions on equipment functioning and maintenance. 

Participants will have the chance to interact with the lecturers by asking questions and by reporting real case examples from their laboratory.


Trainings on dry chemistry (spectroscopy)

Soil spectroscopy can change the course of soils’ future and keep soils healthy. Soil spectroscopy can help countries to understand soil conditions, improve agricultural productivity and reverse land degradation. It can also improve soil assessment, mapping and monitoring and finally support scientists and governments in the decision-making process.


Trainings on health and safety

GLOSOLAN works to establish good laboratory practices on a global scale, introducing health and safety guidelines including use of equipment and knowledge of laboratory materials to generate awareness and ability to assess and prevent risks. This poster provides basic guidelines on laboratory safety to be adopted in soil laboratories.


Trainings on equipment purchasing

Content soon available

Trainings on quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)

Content soon available

Trainings on laboratory management

GLOSOLAN aims to support laboratory managers and technicians in optimizing the activities in the laboratory. The training sessions on this topic focus on the organization of the laboratory agenda, planning the laboratory's areas of work, the management the available financial resources, the distribution of the workload among the personnel, the maintenance of laboratory's infrastructures and the promotion of good laboratory practices.