Global Soil Partnership

Become a GSP Partner

The mandate of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) is to improve governance of the limited soil resources of the planet in order to guarantee healthy and productive soils for a food secure world, as well as support other essential ecosystem services, in accordance with the sovereign right of each State over its natural resources. The GSP also develops awareness and contributes to the development of capacities, builds on best available science, and facilitates/contributes to the exchange of knowledge and technologies among stakeholders for the sustainable management and use of soil resources. 

How to become a GSP Partner

  1. Fill out the, below form
  2. Read and agree with the General Conditions included in Annex 1
  3. You will receive a notification on your mailbox.
  4. You will be contacted by the GSP Secretariat. For any additional information, please write to [email protected].

If you cannot access the form below please download and fill out its PDF version before sending it back to the [email protected].