Partenariat mondial sur les sols


  • Item 1. GSP developments of regional interest
    Ms. Lucrezia Caon, GSP Secretariat

  • Item 2. National updates on soil
    • Iran, Mr. Jahanbakhsh Mirzavand 
    • Iraq, Ms. Iman Sahib Salman
    • Jordan, Mr. Mahmoud Hasan Alfraihat
    • Kuwait, Mr. Shabbir A Shahid (not official)
    • Lebanon, Mrs. Fatima Beydoun, Mr. Ralph Zoghaib and Mr. Talal Darwish 
    • Oman, Mr. Hamad Al-Thuhli
    • Sudan, Mr. Abdelmagid Ali Elmobarak
    • Syria, Mr. Muhammad Manhal Alzoubi
    • Yemen, Mr. Mohammed Hezam Al-Mashreki

  • Item 3: Current initiatives, new proposals and next steps
    • Pillar 1: Implementation of soil rehabilitation programs including SSM/SLM practices and scaling out to areas at high risk of soil degradation
      Mrs. Rafla Attia, Pillar 1 Chair, Tunisia
    • Pillar 2: Future activities
      Mr. Muhammad Manhal Alzoubi, Pillar 2 Chair, Syria
    • Pillar 3: Two project priorities
      1. Development of Soil and Soil Nexus Research Database
      2. Climate Change and Soil Carbon, Potential for defining Regional Adaptation/Mitigation Co-benefit Projects (Three phases of MRV of Soil Carbon Emissions/Sequestration, MRV of Mitigation and Adaptation, MRV of Support)
        Mr. Bahram Taheri, Pillar 3 Chair, Iran
    • Pillar 4: Current situation and perspectives of Soil Information System in NENA
      Mr. Rachid Moussadek, Pillar 4 Chair, Morocco
    • Pillar 5: NENALAB updates
      Mr. Abdelmjid Zouahri, NENALAB Chair

  • Item 4: Presentation of the TCP/RAB/3802 project
    • Main objectives and activities
    • Recruitment of consultants
    • Other
      Mr. Abdel Hamied Hamid, Leading Technical Officer