Global Soil Partnership

Modeling and mapping Soil Organic Carbon sequestration potential (GSOCseq)

Global Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Potential Map (GSOCseq)


The first ever country-driven Global Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Potential Map (GSOCseq) V1.0.0 have just been relesed!

These maps allow for the estimation of topsoil (0-30 cm) soil organic carbon sequestration potential in agricultural areas under four soil management scenarios: a Business as Usual (BAU) scenario and three Sustainable Soil Management (SSM1, SSM2 and SSM3) scenarios***.

The untapped potential of sequestering Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) in agriculturally managed soils as one of the most cost-effective nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation has been widely described in recent years. However, unlocking this potential relies on the establishment of strong mechanisms to monitor, report and verify (MRV) changes in SOC stocks.

21 Feb 2022
- 25 Feb 2022