Global Soil Partnership

European Soil Partnership Workshop

The European Soil Partnership (ESP) plays a significant role globally. The ecological footprint of every European citizen exceeds by far the land available for food production. Incentives, policies and research enabled and conducted in Europe affects many other regions in the world. For monitoring and improving soil quality in Europe, many national actions are ongoing, and the sharing of experiences, and the improvement of European-level knowledge about soil condition, and management supports regions with less progress, but also helps to improve the future formulation of actions at European level in a cooperative design.

The mandate of the ESP is to improve governance of the limited soil resources of the region in order to guarantee healthy and productive soils for a food secure world, as well as support other essential ecosystem services, in accordance with the sovereign right of each State over its natural resources. The ESP should become an interactive and responsive partnership.

The European Soil Partnership workshop was held from the 8th to the 9th March 2016 for the third meeting. The agenda, Terms of Reference of the ESP and Draft implementation plan can be found here :

Report  |  Agenda  |  Terms of reference of the ESP   |  Draft implementation plan  Photo gallery


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08 Mar 2016
- 09 Mar 2016
FAO HQ, Rome, Italy