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WORLD SOIL DAY, 5 Dec. 2019: Stop soil erosion, Save our future

Soil erosion is the removal of the most fertile top layer of soil through water, wind and tillage.

Erosion is putting our soils in danger. The equivalent of one soccer pitch of soil is eroded every 5 seconds.Soil erosion affects soil health and productivity, which decreases the quantity and quality of the food we eat.

Due to climate change and unsustainable  management practices, we are witnessing an alarming decline in fertile soils, which is forecast to continue and make them progressively sterile and ever more prone to drought, desertification and floods. Eroded soils don’t easily retain water, this can trigger flooding and landslides. 

But it gets worse... Soil particles displaced by wind and water can lead to soil and water pollution. Soil erosion decreases soil’s potential to mitigate and adapt to climate change and causes substantial loss of soil biodiversity. 

Did you know that it can take up to 1,000 years to produce just 2-3 cm of soil? So, the clock is ticking. Unsustainable human activities are accelerating soil erosion.

Farmers can adopt sustainable soil management practices. We can grow plants in our gardens to protect the soil. Teach youth about the importance of soils (e.g. join the GREENING THE FUTURE photo challenge). It is only by joining forces that we can stop soil erosion and keep soil where it belongs.

On World Soil Day - 5 December 2019 - focus your attention on being part of the solution... Small actions - such us watching and sharing the animation - can have a significant impact on the health of our soils for Zero Hunger!

Let’s #StopSoilErosion to ensure a food secure future.