Global Soil Partnership

GLOSOLAN calendar 2024: capturing the essence of laboratory excellence


In a celebration of collaborative spirit, GLOSOLAN is thrilled to announce the release of its 2024 calendar. This unique calendar, specially curated for laboratories, is a visual feast, showcasing the activities and regional coverage within the GLOSOLAN community.

The creation of the calendar started at the 7th GLOSOLAN meeting held from 21-23 November 2023, where the decision was made to immortalize the work of laboratories through the lens of its members. The call for photos invited GLOSOLAN members to contribute their high-resolution images capturing their laboratory activities.

All submitted photos were reviewed by the GLOSOLAN steering committee, ensuring that the selected images truly reflect the breadth and depth of laboratory work within the GLOSOLAN community. GLOSOLAN members not only contributed to the creation of a nice calendar but also played a pivotal role in representing the dynamic and innovative nature of laboratory activities within the global network. 

Download, print and enjoy the dedication to soil analysis of laboratories worldwide and their hard work to deliver high-quality soil data for a wide series of stakeholders.


You are encouraged to print this calendar and share it within your networks and with your contacts.