Global Soil Partnership

Healthy World Soil Day 2013 !

Soil is a finite natural resource. On a human time-scale it is non-renewable. However, despite the essential role that soil plays for human livelihoods, worldwide there is increasing degradation of soil resources


Recognizing the importance of soils, the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), in 2002, proposed the 5th of December as World Soil Day. Under the framework of the Global Soil Partnership and with the unanimous support of FAO members, the 37th FAO Conference endorsed 5th December as World Soil Day and requested the UN General Assembly for its final endorsement. The soils community is currently facing an important opportunity as soils are in the global discussions. Let’s do not miss this opportunity and let’s promote the sustainable management of this precious resource. Let us celebrate Healthy World Soil Day!

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Similarly, satellite events also took place in other countries :

Berlin, Germany

Weltbodentag :  Veranstaltungen

Brussels, Belgim

Wereldbodemdag Agribex  :   Agenda

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

World Soil Day, Healthy and Productive Soils  :  Agenda

Hyderabad, Pakistan

World Soil Day, A day dedicated to Soils in Pakistan  :  Information

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La Havana, Cuba

Día Mundial del suelo : Actividades  |  Nota

Paris, France

Journée mondiale des sols : Agenda  |  Carton d'invitation

Roma, Italy

Presentazione del libro "L'insostenibile consumo di suolo" :  Informazione  |   Registration   |  Legambiente 

San José, Costa Rica

Día Mundial del suelo  :  Agenda   |   Invitación