Global Soil Partnership

Regional Soil Partnership Workshops during the IYS

The Regional Soil partnerships will convene regional workshops during the International Year of Soils. The objective of those regional consultation workshops is to consolidate the partnerships by bringing together the newly appointed Focal Points to the GSP.


During the workshops, steering committees will be established where not currently available, chairs for  working groups pillars will be appointed and more importantly, they will work on finalizing the  regional implementation plans. The occasion will be also used to celebrate the International Year of Soils.

 The dates of the various consultation workshops are the following:

  • South American Soil Partnership workshop; 2-6 March Santiago, Chile
  • European Soil Partnership workshop, 17-18 March, FAO HQ, Rome, Italy
  • Asian Soil Partnership consultation workshop; 12-14 May, Bangkok, Thailand
  • NENA Soil Partnership consultation workshop; 19-21 May, Amman, Jordan
  • African Soil Partnership workshop; 25-30 May, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Central America & Caribbean Soil Partnership workshop; 1-3 June, Havana, Cuba
  • Eurasia Soil Partnership workshop; 15-17 June, Izmir, Turkey,

Other partners and stakeholders such as universities, research institutions, and civil society will be also invited so that the regional partnerships are inclusive and thus become the reference in terms of soil actions in the different regions.  

More information will be soon available on the GSP website.