Global Soil Partnership

Building capacities on Digital Soil Mapping and Soil Carbon Modelling in Morocco

A training on Digital Soil Mapping with focus on soil Carbon Modelling was conducted in Rabat, Morocco from 10 to 14 October 2016.


This training is a follow up of the First training on Digital Soil Mapping Training conducted in 2015 in Amman, Jordan. This training intends to further reinforce the knowledge acquired in the first training and practically apply the skills for analyzing soils data and information in the countries and generate digital soils maps that will be used in development planning and policy decision making in agriculture development, sustainable land management, environment protection and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The Training Workshop started by the welcoming and opening address of the FAO-Morocco Representative and the Deputy Head of the Agricultural Research, respectively.  Participants used their own soil data set in the training to produce Soil Carbon Maps. This helped them to practice the techniques of translating the available and legacy data from analogue into digital forms, which allows to use the data for many applications and foster the dissemination and sharing of soil data. 11 persons from different countries have been trained on Digital Soil Mapping that focused on soil carbon modelling using different soil carbon accounting models. Most participants were among those who attended the first Digital Soil Mapping Training that was conducted in Amman, Jordan in 2015. The training is a registered COP22 event with permission to use COP22 label.

Trainees were able to acquire knowledge and skills to make use of soil profile data to produce soil digital maps and develop soil carbon maps that will be used in planning climate smart agriculture and designing projects and programs that target the adapting and mitigating of climate change in their respective countries and help in developing and updating national and regional soil information.

Report  of the DSM training available here