Bhutan AgriFood Trade Investment Forum 2024 - Bhutan's vision for a sustainable agrifood systems takes center stage   

In a bid to transform its agrifood systems into a carbon-neutral, climate-resilient, and high-performance model by 2030, Bhutan will unveil its ambitious roadmap at the Bhutan AgriFood Trade Investment Forum (BATIF) 2024.  

This event, scheduled from 15 to 19 May 2024 in Thimphu, is a result of Bhutan's active participation in various regional and international forums, including FAO's Hand-in-Hand Initiative (HIHI) Investment Forum in both 2022 and 2023

Recognizing the vast potential of the agricultural sector, which remains vital to Bhutan by supporting 43.50% of employment and sustaining 61% of rural livelihoods, the country seeks to reimagine and design agrifood systems that prioritizes well-being and ecological stability. By 2029, Bhutan strives to enhance productivity, broaden market access, and achieve a gross domestic product contribution of close to USD 600 million, focusing on diversifying products, improving efficiency, and boosting exports. With a focus on fostering a resilient ecosystem that ensures affordable, safe, and nutritious food for all, while also generating employment opportunities and empowering women and children, Bhutan also aims to maximize Gross National Happiness and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

Bhutan acknowledges that to accomplish these ventures, bold investments, expedited scientific innovations, and renewed commitments are essential. BATIF 2024 builds upon this partnership-building effort, providing a platform to leverage investment opportunities in the agrifood systems sector. Bringing together government officials, industry leaders, international organizations, development partners, banks, potential investors, civil society representatives, and the private sector, the forum aims to accelerate economic growth, ensure social inclusion, and promote sustainable management of natural resources in line with the SDG 2030 Agenda. 

Through collaboration and dialogue, the objective is to identify opportunities for investment and partnership to enhance capacities and scale Bhutanese agrifood systems ventures. By engaging policymakers, investors, and development partners, the event aspires to mobilize support and operationalize national agricultural strategies and investment plans. 

This prominent forum will facilitate cooperation among national and local stakeholders, donors, financial institutions, private enterprises, and research institutions to accelerate critical means of implementation such as technology, data, capacity development, and funding for identified products and programs.  

With a holistic approach towards sustainability and inclusivity, BATIF 2024 aspires to shape a future where Bhutan's agrifood systems not only sustain economic growth but also nurtures the environment and enriches the lives of all Bhutanese.