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Woman in Antigua, Guatemala

How to help women in family farming achieve their full potential?

Nearly 2.6 million women run farms in the region. Technical assistance and rural extension with a gender-based focus are key to their [...]
Quinoa crops in Caritamaya

How do small producers face the global boom of quinoa?

In recent years, the world has been taken with this superfood from the Andes and exports from Peru and Bolivia have increased. [...]
Woman and child in Q’eswachaka, Peru

Peruvian women demand greater equal rights in agriculture

A group of women are requesting better, fairer conditions for women in food production and commercialization.
Past rains overflowing the Chicama River necessitated the construction of new roads, as pictured here.

Peru anticipates rain and accelerates investment for prevention works

Channeling and cleaning works have been reviewed for rivers in the province of Huaura.
Sign for food labeling during a protest in Chile (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Food labeling in Latin America and the Caribbean: interventionism or a necessary fight against malnutrition?

The arrival of new, more aggressive nutritional information policies marks a turning point the degree of intervention of many countries in the [...]
Rural family from Ocongate district near Cusco, Peru.

Peru, the World Bank and FAO see innovation as a path to reducing the social divide in agriculture

The inequalities between rural and urban areas in Peru demonstrate the growing need to invest in innovative methods and technologies. The National Plan [...]
Peru is a key country in efforts to ensure marine and fishing resources and the fight against illegal fishing.

Peru ratifies an international agreement to eradicate illegal fishing

Peru has become the thirteenth country in Latin America and the Caribbean to ratify the Agreement on Port State Measures, striving to [...]
Woman carrying an umbrella

Experts predict El Niño will not hit Ecuador and Peru in 2018

The Multisectoral Commission anticipates stable conditions for next summer (December 2017-March 2018) for the Central Pacific, followed by conditions of La Niña [...]
Pigs in Cachicadan, Peru

Peru starts to export pork to Bolivia

Health requirements will be published in the next few days, allowing the export of pork to Bolivia.
Peruvian farmers.

Peru's farming sector up 9% in July 2017

Peruvian farming sector achieves a record-high growth of 9%.
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