Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Cow mouth

Brazil to reinforce surveillance of the Venezuela border for foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks

The last record of the disease was on April 14, 2006 in Japora, a municipality located on the border between Paraguay and [...]
Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela and Russia reinforce agricultural alliances

The two countries are determined to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the areas of military, health, metalworking, mining, oil, transportation and food.
Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela estimates the activation of 3,000 food centers this year

The reactivation of these centers, in addition to providing food for the most vulnerable population, is intended to develop a productive linkage [...]
Food supply shortage in Venezuela

Venezuela only produces 30% of the food needed to maintain its population

The Confederation of Associations of Agricultural Producers of Venezuela (Fedeagro) warned that the new Law on Agreed Prices will lead to a further [...]
Fisherman in Belize

Venezuela and Belize strengthen connections for cooperation in energy, agriculture and fishing

The established agreements include the creation of a new company for deep-sea fishing.
Field of Sunflowers

30,000 hectares of sunflowers for Venezuela

The crop's extension has multiplied by 10 at the beginning of the planting season, consolidating its reinstatement in Venezuela.
Julio Berdegué, Regional FAO Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean

FAO and MERCOSUR agree on a new cooperation strategy to fight hunger and poverty

The Regional FAO Representative formalized an agreement that will provide technical assistance to countries in the common market during the Summit of [...]