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Preserving 65 native varieties of corn in Mexico – key to the sustainability of indigenous areas

Chapingo Autonomous University proposes creating a National Seed System as a sustainable development alternative for indigenous areas.

A woman preparing roasted corn in Mexico

Researchers from Chapingo Autonomous University in Mexico have proposed alternatives for sustainable development in order for small and medium indigenous producers to preserve their roots, including the creation of a National Seed System, which would include corn.

Specialist Humberto Castro explained that 7 million hectares are currently cultivated in the country, yielding 23 million tons of corn. However, he estimates that in many cases the corn is imported and genetically modified, therefore making it necessary to preserve 65 native varieties of corn.

The institution specified that crops such as corn, beans, agave, and chili peppers are also at risk of disappearing due to the diet based on industrial, processed foods that many Mexicans have adopted, especially in major cities.

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Photo Credit: Keneth Cruz (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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