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Peruvian women demand greater equal rights in agriculture

A group of women are requesting better, fairer conditions for women in food production and commercialization.

Woman and child in Q’eswachaka, Peru

In Peru, a group of female farmers from the Peruvian National Association of Ecological Producers (ANPE PERÚ according to its acronym in Spanish), presented the 2017–2021 Agenda for Rural Women with the goal of improving conditions for growing and distributing their products. 

“We have built this agenda from our foundations, agreeing on and analyzing the situation as agro-ecological women. This is why, through this document, we want the State to consider us and listen to our proposals in order to earn respect and recognized value for our work,” states Gladis Vila, Coordinator of the Gender and Youth Commission ANPE PERÚ.

During the presentation, the participants reminded attendees that ANPE PERÚ consists of 32,600 producers, 45% of whom are women.

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Photo Credit: Geraint Rowland (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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