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How to boost agriculture, one of the main engines of the Peruvian economy

Boosting productivity and competitiveness in the agriculture sector and developing elaborate, select products are the keys to growth.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala participating in the launch of the

In Peru, 1 of every 4 informal urban jobs comes from agriculture and the agricultural sector could contribute to the country's economy more than the usual estimates.

In a country with a gastronomy worthy of international awards, meeting the sophisticated demand for processed products could become one of the main drivers of the national economy. In order to satisfy the new markets, Peru already has the capacity to produce competitively thanks to favorable factors such as agroclimatic heterogeneity, developing human capital and a good international reputation. However, one of the pending tasks is to bring farmers who have fallen behind up-to-date, thereby increasing their income in order to overcome poverty.

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