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Peru will launch a system to prevent agricultural overproduction

Peru will implement for the first time in its history an alert system to prevent the overproduction of agricultural crops.

Farming ceremony held in Ñahuimpuquio, Perú

"We are working on this issue [implementing an alert system] for three sensitive products: corn, rice and potatoes," Risi said in a conversation with the newspaper Gestión.

The alert system, which is scheduled to commence operations in three months, would involve monitoring farmers' crops in order for them to correspond to the existing market demand, and prevent overproduction from resulting in lower prices and subsequent social protests. 

Minam announced that in the short term it will proceed to develop a National Survey of Planting Intentions, an instrument that will serve to forecast which crops producers are dedicating their efforts to.

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Photo Credit: Presidencia Perú (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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