Sustainable management of the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME)

National consultation of CCLME project stakeholders in Morocco



From March 22-23, 2022, the CCLME National Stakeholder Consultation Meeting was held in Morocco. This activity is part of the implementation of activities on the Consortium and Partnership Agreement to support the implementation of the CCLME Strategic Action Program (SAP).

The workshop was opened by Mr. Aichane Bouchta who delivered the opening remarks of this meeting. The workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Fatimazahra HASSOUNI. Then two presentations were made respectively by the alternate of the NFP Mrs. Najat Elmonfaloti and the regional coordinator of the project Mr. Sidibé Aboubacar to present the results of phase 1 of the CCLME project and the expected results of this consultation.

Subsequently, the second presentation of the Coordinator in which he presented the objective of setting up a partnership mechanism at the national level to implement the SAP activities, the participants recommended that the mechanism to be set up be named partnership (or committee) for the implementation of the SAP instead of "consortium".

The participants recommended taking into account the attributions of the institutions and the missions of the NGOs that define their fields of action and their ability to contribute to the realization of the SAP actions.

At the end of the meeting, the expected results were obtained, namely:

  • Activities to be put in synergy were identified within the framework of the implementation of the SAP during the next phase of the CCLME project.
  • Recommendations were made for the establishment of a partnership/governance mechanism (criteria and profile of members, partnership and funding models (in kind and in cash) and terms of reference and responsibilities of partners)

    Before leaving, participants agreed on the importance of working in an integrated manner to implement the SAP priorities. These priorities are perfectly in line with the programs already completed or underway by the various institutions in their respective fields of competence. They also emphasized their commitment to strengthen cooperation with other countries.