Common Oceans - A partnership for sustainability and biodiversity in the ABNJ
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Launch of deep-sea fisheries E-learning course and Review of Implementation of International Guidelines

New resources for more sustainable management of deep-sea fisheries in the high seas
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New information about management procedures on

Promoting harvest strategy-based management for more sustainable tuna fisheries
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Amid heightened public attention for healthy oceans, Common Oceans Program bolsters management of the high seas

Global partnership takes stock of progress in sustainable ocean management and marine biodiversity conservation
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On course to more sustainable deep-sea fisheries

Global deep-sea fisheries partnership takes stock of initial efforts towards sustainable use and protection of the oceans

To keep the oceans healthy, we need to manage the marine environment responsibly, as overfishing, pollution and climate change are putting pressure on biodiversity and ecosystems. The Common Oceans Program promotes the sustainable use of marine resources and biodiversity conservation in the ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction [more].

The Common Oceans Program aims to improve tuna and deep-sea fisheries management and reduce their environmental impact. It will work in the Sargasso Sea to demonstrate how cooperation and partnership can play a leading role in sustaining and restoring the productivity and health of a major ocean ecosystem. And it will focus on capacity building of experts and stakeholders on issues such as illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, seabed disturbance, marine and land-based pollution and climate change [more]