CountrySTAT consultative meeting Morocco 2013

01/12/2013 - 03/12/2013, Casablanca, Morocco

Back-to-back with the 23rd session of the African Commission on Agriculture Statistics (AFCAS). The Consultative Meeting will present:

  • The main achievements and lessons learned from the CountrySTAT projects.
  • The innovations in the CountrySTAT system using the FENIX platform and future technological developments such as the Open Data Network for sharing Agriculture and Food Security Information and web-based geospatial data management tools, semantic search engines and mobile data collection.
  • Best practices of the CountrySTAT System: Ownership and sustainability, increased data availability/accessibility through the national One-Stop-Centre on Food and Agriculture statistics.
  • Future Vision: Strengthening sustainable development of rural and agricultural statistical information targeting better integration of new scalable information technologies, to support food security and decision-making based on facts.