Regional technical working Group meeting for EAC member countries

12/06/2013 - 14/06/2013, Mombasa, Kenya

The 2nd meeting of the Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG) Workshop for the Collection and Validation of National Food and Agricultural Data for the member countries of the East African Community (EAC)  was held from 12- 14 June 2013 in Mombasa, Kenya.

The meeting was a follow-up to the first workshop of the Regional Technical Working Group on RegionSTAT that was held in Lusaka, Zambia from 8 – 10 October 2012. Delegates from the National Statistics Offices, Ministries responsible for Agriculture in the Partner States and the representatives of Ministry of EAC Kenya attended the meeting, together with the delegations from FAO and the EAC Secretariat. 

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together the EAC RegionSTAT Technical Working Group (RTWG) in order to agree on data that will be harmonized in order to have regionally aggregated agricultural statistics to be used in monitoring the EAC Food Security Action Plan. These data will ultimately be automatically aggregated to produce the EAC RegionSTAT database.

Specifically the meeting focused on :

  • Discussions on how to deal with missing observations
  • Review if the minimum time series limits for the EAC Region STAT (from the year 2000) have been achieved by the partner states
  • Discuss and propose solutions for the factors affecting timeliness and quality of data
  • Discuss and agree on the Imputation methods for missing observation. 

The workshop was an opportunity for the participants to adopt a common approach and to agree on the methodology for missing observations for the CountrySTAT/RegionSTAT EAC database.