Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change

Past projects

Building the basis for scaling up CSA

Between September 2014 until December 2017, EPIC with support from the Netherlands, worked with governmental and local institutions in Malawi, Viet Nam and Zambia on a project to mainstream the CSA approach into policy frameworks and agricultural development programs.

The focus of the project was to design an evidence based baseline to carry out an impact assessment on adopting certain CSA practices, and to support the formulation of country-owned strategic and policy frameworks. Research was carried out on the current status of the agriculture sectors, food production capacity, climate variations and climate change impacts in each country and in the Southern African region in general. 

Climate-Smart Agriculture: capturing the synergies between mitigation, adaptation and food security

EPIC worked in Malawi, Zambia and Vietnam between January 2012 and June 2015 on the CSA project with support from the European Commission. The activities carried out were successful in developing an evidence base, enhancing capacity, policy analysis, dialogues and scenario workshops to address climate change and its potential impacts through agricultural policies while identifying CSA investment opportunities.