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Broadening participation in law reform to protect our forests

17 January 2022
We need strong laws to protect our forests, which means ensuring those that are most likely to be impacted by them play a part in their creation. The full range of stakeholders must have a voice in the law-making process, including, [...]

Honduras-EU voluntary partnership agreement ratified today

17 December 2021
Tegucigalpa, 17 December 2021 Honduras is the first Latin American country to ratify a voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) in Timber Products with the European Union. The country has made significant commitments to sustainable [...]

Ten lessons learned on Independent Forest Monitoring from the FAO-EU FLEGT Programme

13 December 2021
Forests cover just over 30 percent of the global land area, yet they provide habitat for the vast majority of known terrestrial plant and animal species. Unfortunately, forests, and the biodiversity they contain, continue to be threatened by illegal logging [...]

Women in the forefront of sustainable forest management: case studies from Honduras, Viet Nam and Côte d’Ivoire

13 December 2021
More than 25 percent of the global population, including one billion women, depend on forest resources for their livelihoods (FAO 2018). Despite the paucity of sex-disaggregated data, it is increasingly evident that women’s forest-related work often surpasses that of men, [...]

REDD+ et le Programme FAO-UE FLEGT s’unissent pour arrêter la déforestation et promouvoir la bonne gouvernance des forêts en RDC

26 November 2021
L’atténuation des effets du changement climatique et la réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre à travers la lutte contre la déforestation et l’exploitation illégale des ressources forestières sont au cœur du Programme FAO-UE FLEGT et du processus [...]

10 stratégies pour le succès des micro, petites et moyennes entreprises

23 November 2021
Entre 2016 et 2021, le Programme FAO-UE d'appui relatif à l'application des réglementations forestières, à la gouvernance et aux échanges commerciaux (FLEGT) (ci-après le Programme) a appuyé plus de 100 projets dans 20 pays pour aider les micro, petites et [...]

Pathway to legal timber harvesting on public land clarified in Thailand

19 November 2021
Sustainable timber production and harvesting on public land in Thailand is central to national efforts to promote economic forestry and achieve the 15 percent increase in forest cover to reach the Thai government’s commitment of 40 percent coverage.  However, many [...]

Vietnamese design competition celebrates legal timber

09 November 2021
Hanoi, Viet Nam The Center for Education and Development (CED) has launched a hybrid in-person and virtual exhibition, featuring winning designs from a design competition using legal timber. Celebrating the potential of domestic plantation timber in furniture and housing design, the [...]

Honduran delegation in Rome: Follow-up to the Honduras-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement ratification

30 September 2021
Honduran Minister-Director convenes with FAO leaders to define next steps for the implementation of the recently signed Voluntary Partnership Agreement On 27 September 2021, the delegation of the Minister-Director of the National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development, Protected Areas and [...]

Promoting legality in the Mozambican forest sector: protection for natural resources and benefits for local communities

30 September 2021
Cheringoma, 28 September 2021 New forest management plan and timber traceability system proposed this week for the Muanza-Inhaminga corridor With over 40 percent of its national territory covered by forests[1], Mozambique is one of Africa’s greatest timber exporters. Legality and sustainability [...]
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