Food for the cities programme

COVID-19 updates

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting daily lives around the world in unprecedented ways. It presents new challenges to food security and, social and economic systems including the globalised and industrialised food system.

The City Region Food Systems approach (CRFS), developed by FAO and RUAF partners (International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems), provides a framework to understand urban food system vulnerability, to enhance communication and cooperation, and to coordinate immediate action that safeguards food security and nutrition.

The approach can help organize food systems in a more effective and sustainable manner to meet producer and consumer demands, by promoting local food production (especially family farmers & small-holders) and shorter supply chains, strengthening urban-rural linkages, and maintaining (or creating) diversity in the food supply chain and channels of distribution (from farm to fork).

In the long term, the CRFS approach helps define policies, interventions and mechanisms of territorial governance for food system transformation, reinforcing cooperation and collaboration among different local governments and other actors, which is one of the key elements to build resilience of the local food system to shocks, including pandemics, epidemics, and climate events.

Cities and city regions, some of which that have implemented CRFS approach, have reported on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their local food system - and ways in which knowledge, resources and capacity have aided their immediate response to the unprecedented threat of food security.

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