Food for the cities programme

A global study was conducted by FAO, RUAF and CIRAD, on lessons learnt from the impacts of multiple shocks and stresses on city region food systems, capturing interventions both as emergency measures and to build long-term resilience. The study also built an evidence base on how territorial food system approaches can help local governments with planning and investments to increase resilience to multiple risks, including climate change and pandemics. 

Episode 1: Addressing chronic stress

The study found that cities are more likely to tackle sudden shocks to their city region food system (CRFS) than they are to address longer-term chronic stresses. This episode explores this phenomenon in two city region contexts, examining why it happens and how the responses to sudden shocks differ from those to long-term stresses.

A panel of experts featuring Stefania Suarez (Food Systems Consultant from Medellin, Colombia), Professor Buddhi Marambe (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka), and Dana Omran (Resilient Cities Network), unpacks this topic together with moderator Jess Haliday (RUAF).

Episode 2: City region food system governance for the long haul

This episode showcases various strategies for long-term food systems governance that have been established in pilot cities of the City Region Food Systems (CRFS) Programme. It explores the factors facilitating the implementation of these approaches, the barriers and challenges they faced, and how they have been overcome.

In this podcast, Tamsin Faragher (Principal Resilience Officer, City of Cape Town, South Africa), Rija Ranaivoarison (Local coordinator of the CRFS Programme in Antananarivo, Madagascar) and Cecile Michel (Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Secretariat) share their experiences of establishing multistakeholder platforms and integrating local food systems work into policies and institutions with moderator Jess Halliday (RUAF).

Episode 3: The Importance Of Collective Actions

This episode explores collective food system actions outlined by participants of the recently conducted global study on lessons learned from multiple shocks and stresses on city region food systems (CRFS) by FAO, CIRAD and RUAF. It highlights how they differ from and complement local government initiatives, and why they are a crucial part of the puzzle for resilience building and food systems transformation.

Moderator Jess Halliday (RUAF) discusses this topic with a panel of experts featuring Thierry Giordano (CIRAD), Philip Amoah (CGIAR International Water Management Institute), Nick Rose (Sustain) and Barbara Emanuel (City of Toronto).