Food for the cities programme

During the 2018 Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) Mayors Summit, FAO presented the Urban Food Monitoring Framework of the Pact. Developed through close consultation with all the signatory cities and with the active collaboration of 14 cities, the framework will be a key tool that cities will use to monitor progress and results achieved within their commitment to the Pact.

Urbanization affects every aspect of our food systems - from the way food is produced and priced, to the way it is processed, consumed, recycled and wasted. Providing cities with high quality food today and tomorrow is critical. 

So how will we prepare our towns and cities for a sustainable future?

A future where there is healthy and nutritious food for all?

Land and water use, food production, environmental management, transport and distribution, marketing and consumption concern urban and rural areas. Looking at the food system from a city region perspective – the city and its surrounding areas –, can ensure a more sustainable urbanization, and contribute in tackling challenges like urban food and nutrition insecurity, social and economic inequalities in cities and its surrounding areas, and degraded environmental and natural resources.