GSA - Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture

Recognizing the need for practical guidance for government authorities and policymakers in their efforts to promote the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF), FAO, as requested by its Members, is developing the Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA – former acronym SAG). Towards this goal, a Global Expert Consultation was held in June 2019, with outcomes presented to the Tenth Session of the Committee on Fisheries Sub-Committee on Aquaculture (SCA). SCA Members recommended FAO to convene regional consultations to further elaborate and develop the GSA. These events are being run by NFIA and NFIP together funded by the Korea Maritime Institute of the Republic of Korea for the project entitled “Support to global consultations to developing sustainable aquaculture guidelines” (GCO/GLO/990/ROK); and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway provided their kind support for the first steps of scoping and development work of the Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture. Read more