Steamed Rice-and-Chicken Pudding

Steamed Rice-and-Chicken Pudding


rice: 3 cups
mushrooms: 1/2 cups
sugar: 1 teaspoon
pepper, black: 1/4 teaspoons
chicken: 3
onion, green: 1 tablespoon
shrimps: 3 tablespoon
soya, sauce: 6 tablespoon
soup: 1/2 cups
wine: 1 tablespoon
pork, ham: 3 tablespoon
oil, cooking/salad: 2 tablespoon

Dish Type: Main Dish

Cooking Time (minutes): average (30 minutes - 2 hours)

1. Brush chicken legs with soy sauce, then deep-fry in hot oil over high heat. Debone chicken when cool.
2. Place one chicken piece, skin side down, in the bottom of a large bowl. Lay 2 other pieces flat againt the side.
3. Prepare seasoning sauce; mix wine, sugar, black pepper and soup. Stir-fry green onion, black mushrooms, ham and dried shrimps for 30 seconds.
4. Pour 2/3 seasoning sauce, then turn off heat. Add cooked glutinous rice. Mix thoroughly. Spoon glutinouss rice on top of chicken in bowl. Push down to make sure rice is tightly packed. Steam 30 mn over high heat.
5. To unmold, place a serving plate over the bowl and carefully turn both plate and bowl over so that chicken pudding is on the serving plate.

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