Kagera TAMP - Bugesera aquatic landscapes endowed with a management plan - 8th July 2011 Kirundo province, Burundi

The Management Plan was validated at a workshop held on July 8th 2011 at Centre Amahoro conference building in Kirundo province, northern Burundi. It gathered eighty participants including administration officials of the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment, environmental experts and locally elected leaders. The presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Odette KAYITESI was highly appreciated as natural resources are still degrading and lakes are drying up. On its 14 protected areas, Bugesera region covers 21 000 hectares. In this area, Kirundo province is said to be the mostly degraded. The degradation is exacerbated by a high demographic pressure and inadequate farming methods and climate change

According to Salvator NDABIRORERE KAGERA TAMP Project Manager in Burundi, the Plan has a double role “protecting natural resources and poverty control”.