Kagera project documents

The full project proposal including the Project Brief and the Executive summary as well as letters of endorsement form the partner countries was compiled and submitted to GEF Secretariat in March 2006 for consideration by the June GEF Council. The formulation process drew in depth from the expertise, knowledge gained and lessons learned from the countries and region during the Project Development Facility (PDF Phase A and B). Consideration of Kagera TAMP and many other projects for approval and inclusion in the work programme was deferred to the next GEF council meeting (4 to 8 December 2006). The project was resubmitted in September 2006 with slight revisions to take into account GEF-4 strategic guidance and GEF Secretariat revised review criteria.

Kagera TAMP was approved by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in June 2009. Activities started in April 2010 after signatory endorsement by the 4 beneficiary countries. GEF funds contribute 6,363,000 US Dollars to the project, through the TerrAfrica/SIP. Co-funding through collaborative arrangements with government programmes and partner organisations in the basin, and in kind support by FAO (as GEF executing and implementing agency) should amount to more than 21 million US Dollars.