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05 November 2021
A new report launched on 4 November on the side lines of the UN’s Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow [...more]
08 October 2021
Event Organizers: FAO Land and Water Division, Environmental Law Institute (ELI), International Water Management Institute, Government of Rwanda, Government of [...more]
14 September 2021
Thanks to the collaboration of the KnoWat team in Sri Lanka, we are proud to announce that the Water Tenure [...more]
06 September 2021
A series of capacity development activities on water resources assessments and efficient use of water resources using WaPOR – the [...more]
02 September 2021
The Water Tenure Mondays webinar series creates a forum for building a stronger water tenure concept through the presentation of [...more]
19 July 2021
Watch the video "Water tenure: Building equity and resilience to leave no one behind"
09 July 2021
Assessing water tenure arrangements is one of the outcomes of FAO’s project Knowing water better: Towards fairer and more sustainable [...more]
28 June 2021
Water tenure is a recent concept. A working definition of water tenure is “The relationships, whether legally or customarily defined, [...more]

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