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The Localization of Humanitarian Research

09/03/2023 09/02/2023

The current structure of humanitarian research systems marginalizes Global South institutes. However, a recent study has shown that southern-led research has a number of comparative advantages, including an emphasis on issues that directly benefit crisis-affected populations.

This event features researchers from the Global South and Global North and donors. We will explore how southern- and northern-led research differ and discuss barriers and potential paths to more equitable humanitarian research opportunities for Global South researchers and institutes.

When: March 9, 2023 from 10:00 to 11:30 am EST. Please check your time zone.


  • Teddy Atim, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University
  • Gang Karume, Rebuild Hope for Africa
  • TBC, Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), USAID

The discussion will be moderated by Isabella Cordua, Network for Empowered Aid Response (NEAR).

The webinar is sponsored by the Feinstein International Center, NEAR, and BHA/USAID.


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