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Resilience concept
This Learning Brief presents the findings of a participatory review and learning exercise (PRLE) conducted by the South Sudan Food Security Cluster on selected initiatives at the humanitarian, development and peace (HDP) nexus in South Sudan. The PRLE identified good [...]
Enseignements et bonnes pratiques liés aux projets du Fonds pour la consolidation de la paix exécutés par la FAO
Le présent rapport de synthèse rend accessibles les résultats de l’auto-évaluation des projets du Fonds pour la consolidation de la paix (PBF) exécutés par la FAO et les éléments saillants de l’atelier virtuel organisé le 31 mai 2022, en mettant [...]
World Refugee Day | 20 June 2023 Conflict is a major driver of food crises, followed by weather extremes and economic shocks. Violent conflict is also a primary drivers of forced displacement, another factor contributing to heightened food insecurity. With the average [...]
Practitioner guidelines for selection, analysis and design
This guide focuses on Sustainable food value chain (SFVC) development in conflict-prone and conflict-affected contexts, observing that even in complex contexts, value chains directly impact the ability of communities to safeguard their livelihoods and contribute to their resilience in the [...]
Improving resilience through knowledge sharing and the provision of productive assets in Dosso and Maradi regions
The project was implemented using integrated approaches and community-based platforms – particularly Farmer Field Schools (FFS), Dimitra Clubs and local radio stations – which facilitate the empowerment and capacity building of rural women in vulnerable situations, as well as their [...]
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