Country Analysis

MAFAP indicators and analyses at country level help to inform food and agricultural policies. The indicators cover three areas:

Analysis of agricultural public expenditure to measure the level and composition of public expenditure in support of food and agriculture. This informs policy-makers on flows of resources towards the sector and helps identify policies, projects and programmes lacking adequate financial support.

Analysis of price incentives for agricultural commodities to measure, through a standard set of indicators, how policy and market environment affect prices for different agents (producers, traders and consumers) along the commodity value chain. MAFAP analysis explores the driving factors of price (dis)incentives and suggests policy options for improving incentives to production and commercialization of a given commodity, while keeping prices affordable for consumers.

Policy coherence assessment to compare government policy objectives, agricultural public expenditure and price effects of the policies in place. This type of analysis offers some insights for harmonizing policies and prioritizing investments in the agricultural sector.

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