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Government of Costa Rica

Government of Guatemala

Government of Honduras

Government of Nicaragua

Government of Panama

Latin American and Caribbean Parliament

The Parlatino and the “Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO” programme have collaborated in several initiatives and projects, including the Parliamentary Community of Knowledge, which includes: (i) a catalogue of normative instruments regarding food security and nutrition and rural development, (ii( a catalogue of research studies regarding the human right to adequate food, and (iii) a catalogue of tools for a hunger free Mesoamerica; the compilation of experiences for the book “Parliamentary Women in the Fight against Hunger in Mesoamerica”; and the drafting and passing of the Model Law on Family Farming, the Model Law on Small-Scale Fisheries and the Model Law on Community Water and Sanitation Systems.

Integration and Development Project of Mesoamerica

The “Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO” programme contributes to the social axis of the Integration and Development Project of Mesoamerica, particularly to its line of work related to Food and Nutritional Security. The Programme supports and reinforces actions on school feeding, family farming, food and nutritional security, strengthening of governance capacities, and communication strategy, among others.

Central American Integration System

Due to its work in the Mesoamerican countries, the “Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO” programme shares areas of intervention with several entities linked to the Central American Integration System, especially with the Secretariat of Central American Social Integration (SISCA) within the framework of the Regional Inter-sectorial Agenda on Social Protection and Productive Inclusion, and with the Executive Secretariat of the Central American Agricultural Council (SECAC). 

Hunger-Free Latin America and Caribbean Initiative

Collaboration between the Hunger-Free Latin America and Caribbean Initiative and the “Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO“ programme focuses on the strengthening of school feeding programs in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala; and the enhancement of the Parliamentary Community of Knowledge with norms and laws of South American countries with an impact on food and nutritional security in the region. 

Parliamentary Front Against Hunger

“Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO” collaborates with the Parliamentary Front Against Hunger in the countries involved in the Programme, at the subregional and regional levels, regarding the elaboration and implementation of differentiated public policies for food and nutritional security and family farming, and regulatory frameworks for rural organizations under the premise that joining efforts is the key to defeating hunger.