Modelling System for Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change (MOSAICC)

On the ground

Climate impact assessment studies based on the MOSAICC system were carried out in Morocco, Peru, and the Philippines. Currently, studies are being carried out in Malawi, Zambia, Uruguay, Indonesia and Paraguay. An interdisciplinary technical working group is established in each country, and MOSAICC is made available to national institutions that participate in the group, such as ministry of agriculture, meteorological services, agriculture research institutes, universities etc.

The country studies provide an opportunity to assess the threats and opportunities presented by climate change to agricultural systems and food security, and develop ways to adapt agricultural systems to the impacts of climate change. The discussions with policy makers, local experts and researchers therefore address not only the findings of the studies, but also the importance of agriculture, with a particular focus on adaptation. These topics are central to achieving sound and evidence-based national adaptation plans, projects or programmes.