WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

New WaPOR brochure and ongoing MOOC on the different dimensions of water productivity


A new FAO brochure on WaPOR titled "Dimensions of Water Productivity" is now available. 

It showcases four different water productivities (biophysical, economic, social and nutritional) and illustrates their usefulness and potential uses with a series of case studies. The brochure also seeks to show how remote sensing, including WaPOR data, can provide near real time input data for the monitoring of these different productivities at a variety of scales. 

>>> Read the brochure here


This case study echoes the content of the much more comprehensive Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on Water Productivity in Practice, offered by WaPOR partner, WaterPIP, hosted on the IHE Delft Institution for Water Education online learning platform. 

Through 30 November 2022, participants who complete the course will benefit from interaction with course instructors in the supervised forum - where they can have their questions answered - and from a course completion certificate.

Find out more about the MOOC and how to register, here >>>