WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

Regional training workshop "QGIS for water productivity analysis" from 26 to 29 February 2024 in Algiers


Within the framework of the implementation of the activities of the project "Monitoring land and water productivity by remote sensing WaPOR phase 2" financed by the government of the Netherlands, a regional QGIS training for water productivity analysis is organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and IHE Delft from 26 to 29 February 2024 in Algiers for the benefit of the WaPOR project teams from Algeria, Mali and Tunisia.

This workshop was led by trainers from IHE Delft and was structured around theoretical sessions, group games and practical exercises. These sessions were highly interactive, thanks to the quality of the exchanges between the coaches and the participants from the country teams, with the sharing of knowledge tailored to the specific characteristics and context of agriculture in each country.

The first day of training was devoted to the theoretical aspects of vector and raster data, projections and GIS file formats.

The second day was interactive, with an interpolation exercise based on rainfall data and Wat'Count Game group dynamics.

On the third day, training continued with the development of the theory of raster processing, followed by an exercise in developing analysis and determining NDVI, using the El Hamiz irrigated perimeter as an example.

At the end of the session, each WaPOR country project focal point evaluated the training workshop, expressing a high level of satisfaction. The workshop closed with a speech by the chairman of the WaPOR Algeria steering committee, who expressed his gratitude to the country teams, the FAO and IHE Delft, and wished the WaPOR project every success in its future activities.