WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

WaPOR Hackathon 2022: call for participants


In December, WaPOR will be at the center of a Hackathon under the theme of Monitoring and Evaluating Global Challenges that will hopefully be an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to get together and bring their unique perspectives to create real-world applications using WaPOR remote sensing-derived data.


All the events will be livestreamed, and therefore, participants from all over the world are welcome to work on applications around the hackathon's 4 themes:

  • Environmental challenges (climate hazards, land degradation, ...)
  • SDG monitoring
  • Tools to Validate WaPOR data
  • Social inclusion, gender and equity

answering the question: How can we use remote sensing to make useful, easy and accessible applications for addressing pressing global challenges? 


🗓 Key dates: 

Until 20 November: registration to the hackathon
Wednesday 30 November:
 launch of the hackathon (livestreamed event)
Thursday 8 December: screening of team pitches and announcement of shortlisted teams (livestreamed event)
Friday 16 December: closing event for the Hackathon where winners will be announced


 ➤ Learn more anout the hackathon here

📄 Register to the hackathon here