WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

WaPOR inception workshop in Morocco

Hybrid workshop taking place in Rabat

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On 26 July, a number of stakeholders gathered in Rabat to officially launch the LoA between the FAO and the Moroccan Digital Centre (signed on 4 May) by way of a working session that comprised:

  • opening remarks by the Digital Centre:
    • Professor Yasmina Imani, Head of the Digital Centre's Drought Observatory and one of the centre's focal points for the LoA, who was moderating the event,
    • Professeur Loubna El Mansouri, the Centre's director
  • opening remarks by the FAO: 
    • Livia Peiser, technical officer of the WaPOR project
    • Mr. Abdelhak Laiti, Programme Assistant to the FAO Representation in Morocco, in charge of the Water and Regular Programming.
  • a detailed introduction of the LoA,
  • a presentation on WaPOR delivered by virtual participants from FAO headquarters in Rome
  • and productive discussions in two groups according to the areas of interest (Tadla and Doukala) on the future activities in those areas of the Oum Er-Rbia basin.

The collaboration between the two institutions, formalized through the LoA, has the goal of fostering the use of digital technology to improve agricultural land and water management, using WaPOR data, satellite imagery and artificial intelligence algorithms. This successful and productive working session was crucial in getting all the stakeholders together to discuss the work at hand and to create a clear roadmap for its execution. 



More images of the event, courtesy of the Digital Centre: