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📚 10 Must-Read Publications 

Strengthening coherence between social protection and fisheries policies. Framework for Analysis and Action & Diagnostic tool

Uncover the potential of aligning social protection and fisheries policies with two powerful tools:  

"Framework for Analysis and Action" - Discover benefits and options for coherence. Full paper 

"Diagnostic Tool" - Map and assess coherence between policies. Full Paper  

Socioeconomic impact evaluation of unemployment insurance for small-scale fishers in Brazil (Seguro-Defeso)  

Learn how Brazil's fishers’ unemployment benefit, also known as "Seguro-Defeso", safeguards fish stocks and supports small-scale fishers’ livelihoods. A groundbreaking study with positive impacts!  

Read more: Full paper  

The brief is available in English and Portuguese 

Economic inclusion and social protection to reduce poverty. Fisheries and aquaculture

Learn about FAO's response to COVID-19, with project proposals and funding gaps for global action. Access the action sheet on economic inclusion and poverty reduction in fisheries and aquaculture.  

Learn more: Full paper  

Social protection for small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean region 

Explore the crucial role of small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Region, supporting the majority of the fishing fleet and workforce. Learn about their vulnerabilities, challenges, and the need for improved social protection.  

Read the full report and the brief to understand how social protection can empower these fishing communities and foster sustainability. 

Social protection in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture in Latin America and the Caribbean 

Dive into a comprehensive agenda of public policies aimed at strengthening social protection to achieve sustainable development goals.  

Full report available in English and Spanish.

The role of social protection in the recovery from covid-19 impacts in fisheries and aquaculture

What was the impact of COVID-19 on food systems, particularly fisheries and aquaculture? Learn about the diverse socio-economic effects on informal market workers, including small-scale fishers, migrants, ethnic minorities, and women. 

Read the full article to understand the significance of social protection in supporting vulnerable communities during challenging times. 

Promoting greater coherence between small-scale fisheries and social protection policies, mechanisms, and programs in cambodia 

This document delves into how social protection and fishery-related policies can work together to reduce poverty and promote the conservation of fisheries and natural resources.  

Discover a vision for sustainable and resilient fisheries with effective social protection. 

Read: the full paper: Connecting Social Protection and Fisheries Management for Sustainability: A Conceptual Framework, web article & Infographic 

Promoting safety and decent work in fisheries through the application of international standards

Learn about essential instruments promoting safety, decent work, and marine resource conservation. This concise brochure by IMO, ILO, and FAO guides policymakers and stakeholders in the fisheries, maritime, and labor sectors. 

This publication is available in the following languages: English, Dutch, Chinese & Indonesian 

The role of social protection in the elimination of child labour 

How can social protection eliminate child labour and improve children's well-being? This compelling report presents evidence and policy implications to close the protection gap and create a better future for children worldwide.  

Take action now and read the full publication


🎧 Listen to Our Podcast  

Social protection, sustainability and fisheries 

Join the discussion on the role of social protection in covering vulnerable fisheries and fish workers. Discover country case examples and more.

Colombia's sea women net a better deal 

Colombia's sea women net a better deal Explore how the Platoneras of Buenaventura are strengthening their livelihoods and access to social protection schemes: English and Spanish. Read the website story.


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