La Plate-forme pour l'agriculture tropicale (TAP)

TAP-AIS project in Senegal: Implementing digital technologies in agriculture

Digital innovation in agriculture is at the forefront of change in Senegal. Organic producers need action-oriented approaches in order to improve and promote digital technologies. FAO and its partners, through the EU-funded TAP-AIS project, have been providing continued support in Senegal during its agroecological transition. Two consecutive workshops in Thiès, Senegal were recently organized to administer the expectations and outcomes of new digital tools that will help smallholders advance in digitalization. These workshops were formulated to help unlock the potential of innovation within Senegal to encourage social and productive inclusion in agriculture.

The initial training workshop from 6-8 November 2023 was aimed at reviewing the applicability of digital technologies manufactured by the National Agency for Agricultural and Rural Council (ANCAR). The first platform, Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa (SAIDA) was created as an information and monitoring tool and the second platform, Senlouma was created as an e-commerce platform to assist with market accessibility. Twenty-five participants gathered to discuss the steps involved that will bring SAIDA and Senlouma from the development phase to the scale-up phase at the national level. Discussions and group work also proposed ideas on how to best increase the user-friendliness of these platforms and facilitate access for rural producers to offer their products at competitive prices.

The second training workshop from 9-11 November 2023 had an in-depth diagnosis on actions to strengthen the capacities of the National Federation for Organic Agriculture (FENAB). Twenty-nine participants worked jointly to shed light on ways to improve the enabling environment in Senegal so that these digital innovations can flourish. Other partners like ANCAR, can also be a support in guaranteeing the sustainability of these platforms which will also help to solve more market problems. Overcoming these challenges will help improve SAIDA and Senlouma to maintain innovative rural advisory services and increase farmers’ income.

With continued support of the TAP-AIS project hosted by FAO, these digital strategies will support innovation in Senegal and help to renew the agriculture ecosystem. Moving forward, facilitated capacity assessment, training, and coaching, will help to further implement these digital platforms, and create opportunities for smallholders in terms of better access to markets, inputs, and services. Once SAIDA and Senlouma are enhanced for agricultural producers, these two innovative resources will strengthen confidence in the market and contribute to the sustainable transformation of agriculture and food systems.

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