Voices of the Hungry


The following resources include technical and country reports, Voices of the Hungry Project communication materials, journal articles, and information on the statistical software package developed for analysis of FIES data. Use the drop-down menu to locate the type of resource you are interested in.


This report presents a detailed description of the methodology and first results of FAO's Voices of the Hungry project. The main purpose of the report is to allow food security analysts to evaluate the statistical soundness and adequacy of the methods described.
This paper presents basic concepts and mathematics underlying the Rasch model, commonly used to assess food security data.
These guidelines are intended to help in the preparation of proposals to the FAO VoH project for access to the Gallup World Poll (GWP) data.
This paper reviews some of the existing food security indicators, discussing the validity of the underlying concept and the reliability of measures. It highlights existing trade-offs between different qualities of possible food security measurement tools that must be taken into account when such tools are proposed for practical application, especially for use within an international monitoring framework.