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What is the Global-Hub on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems?

The Global-Hub on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems is a space of co-creation of knowledge on Indigenous Peoples’ food systems, blending scientific and Indigenous Peoples' knowledge systems. Both are considered at the same level of respect and consideration.

The Global-Hub brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous experts from universities, research centers, Indigenous Peoples and UN agencies. It was officially endorsed by FAO Members at the 27th session of the FAO’s Technical Committee on Agriculture (COAG). FAO acts as Secretariat of the Global-Hub. 

Its objective is to enhance the learning, preservation, and promotion of Indigenous Peoples’ food systems worldwide by:

  • Bridging the knowledge gap on Indigenous Peoples’ food systems
  • Providing evidence-based information to ongoing policy discussions that affect Indigenous Peoples’ food systems.  
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The Global-Hub collaborates with multiple organizations to enhance the understanding of Indigenous Peoples' food and knowledge systems through research and coordination. These partners encompass universities and research centres, Indigenous Peoples' organizations, UN agencies, as well as other actors interested in Indigenous Peoples' food and knowledge systems. The Global-Hub includes 31 members and 2 PhD Candidates.

A full list of partners can be found below.