Рыболовство во внутренних водоемах

Impacts on climate change on fisheries and aquaculture (booklet)

Overview of inland fisheries

The booklet includes the executive summary of a technical paper on current scientific knowledge available on climate change implications for fisheries and aquaculture, as well as adaptation and mitigation responses. The booklet will summarize the main information contained in part I on impacts and part II on responses and will address marine and inland fisheries, as well as aquaculture. The original report includes a general overview of the main climate change drivers and their impacts on aquatic ecosystems. Interactions of climate change with poverty are described, as well as institutional opportunities that could help reduce food insecurity and poverty. The global importance of fisheries and aquaculture in terms of food security and economic benefits is described to frame the findings of the technical paper. Projections of future fisheries catch potential provide an estimate of the expected impacts at global scale. Part I indicates the current impacts on marine fisheries summarized by geographical area, in the context of other stressors such as overfishing or pollution. Inland fisheries are also addressed through two different angles: the climate change impacts on freshwater fisheries system and a more specific analysis by basin or region. Three chapters are dedicated to aquaculture, focussing respectively on drivers, adaptation options and interactions with other sectors. Two chapters address critical and emerging hazards, such as extreme events and hazards in aquatic animal health and food safety. Part II is dedicated to adaptation and mitigation responses and presents toolboxes compiling potential solutions to cope with climate change in the sector.