Рыболовство во внутренних водоемах

Freshwater small pelagic fish and their fisheries in the major African lakes and reservoirs in relation to food security and nutrition

Food security & nutritional role

This document reviews the status and importance of the freshwater small pelagic fish and fisheries for sustainable and healthy livelihoods in Africa. The lack of recognition of the importance of small pelagic fish for sustenance, livelihoods and public health has prevented the necessary investments for improving the quality, shelf life and public awareness of this vitally important resource. This FAO Technical Paper has been prepared to fill this gap and enable policymakers and development practitioners to design and implement more effective policies, strategies and programmes that will contribute to reducing the food insecurity that currently affects the people of sub-Saharan Africa. 

The paper examines the biology and biological production of the most important pelagic species in the major lakes and reservoirs, as well as the impacts of environmental and climatic variation on stocks of these species. It discusses the various capture techniques and the potential for improving the fisheries and associated processing and national and regional trade within Africa.