Commission internationale du peuplier et autres arbres à croissance rapide utiles aux personnes et à l'environnement

Online Communities of Practice

The Online Communities of Practices (CoPs) support by creating communications channels across diverse networks, promote innovation and technological support, facilitate space for sharing experiences and inspiring examples on the ground.

The aim of the CoPs is to open a network that brings together experience and learning to a virtual space through online exchange.

Engage and learn with others practitioners involved in the International Commission on Poplars and Other Fast-Growing Trees Sustaining People and the Environment by our CoP.

The CoPs offer:

  1. an online space for practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and the private sector to find free technical advice and support for knowledge issues;
  2. structured learning opportunities that respond to its members’ needs;
  3. innovation processes and collection of key knowledge resources and makes them widely available;
  4. high-quality tools and knowledge documents.


By bringing practitioners together for this online discussion, participants can share knowledge and innovation tools. The community will be central to all activities and it will shape joint actions and exchanges.