This pre-COP26 side event presents initiatives to create resilient livelihoods for young small-scale food producers through three major approaches: (1) addressing women and youth, (2) intergenerational approach, (3) focus on youth and children. The side event is based on the upcoming FAO publication Creating a resilient livelihood for youth in small-scale food production – A collection of case studies showcasing proactive solutions for youth to support them creating and maintaining stable livelihoods. With this side-event FAO aims to provide an opportunity for experts to share their experiences on the livelihoods of youth in small-scale food production to achieve more intergenerationality and resilience of small-scale food producers.

Small-scale food producers, as a group, are among the poorest and most marginalized in the world, whilst being on the frontline of dealing with the impacts of climate change. Small-scale food producer youth in developing countries are especially vulnerable due to several negative impacts primarily caused by climate change – including weather extremes, pests, diseases, loss of biodiversity and productivity levels – ultimately leading to increased poverty levels, intensified inequality and higher food insecurity. They are an essential pillar in reaching food security for all but are not addressed by most initiatives that focus on agriculture.

Objectives of the event:

  • Empower youth engagement in small-scale food production;
  • Highlight challenges and needs of youth in small-scale food production under a changing climate;
  • Showcase how youth can contribute to climate-resilience in agriculture;
  • Highlight the importance of access to markets, finance and land for young small-scale food producers; and
  • Provide examples of how youth can be included and supported in creating and maintaining livelihoods in small-scale food production food producers.



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