Land & Water


Global spatial database on water and agriculture

AQUAMAPS is AQUASTAT’s online geospatial database on water and agriculture. Through a sophisticated web platform, regional and global spatial datasets on water resources and water management, produced by FAO and by external data providers, are made accessible.

AQUAMAPS is complementary to AQUASTAT’s statistical data. AQUAMAPS concentrates on geographical information that for the biggest part has been generated by spatial modelling. AQUASTAT’s statistical information has been used to calibrate and validate the results.

Through AQUAMAPS, users can query, explore, and download the spatial information in commonly used GIS format. AQUAMAPS builds on the most advanced tools available, including geo-spatial modelling and analytics.

The collection of datasets is organized by themes:

  • Hydrological basins: global and regional layers of hydrological basins derived from Hydrosheds
  • River and water bodies: regional hydrographic networks derived from Hydrosheds
  • Irrigation and infrastructures: area equipped for irrigation, dams
  • Climate: Monthly grids of precipitation and reference evapotranspiration
  • Analyses: examples of global analyses performed on the basis of the above mentioned dataset.

Access AQUAMAPS here