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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, 17 June 2023, “Her Land. Her Rights”

Women, who comprise nearly half of the world's agricultural workforce, hold a vital stake in the health of the land and suffer most when land is degraded.

Land is the most critical economic resource for most rural poor, dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. However, one third of the world’s agricultural lands is affected by human-induced degradation. When land becomes degraded and water is scarce, women, who are less likely to own or control land than men, are often the worst affected and left more vulnerable to poverty and hunger.

Investing in women’s equal access to land and associated assets is a direct investment in their future and the future of humanity. To close the gender tenure gap while supporting land restoration goals, FAO has many initiatives and projects in place to advance the policies and legislation for women’s meaningful participation in decision-making processes related to land at national and local level, to transform land administration systems and access to justice to make them gender responsive.

This year’s Desertification and Drought Day, marked on 17 June, will put the global spotlight on women’s land rights with events taking place in New York and around the world.

The global observance event, titled “Her Land. Her Rights: Advancing Gender Equality and Land Restoration Goals” will take place at the United Nations Headquarters’ General Assembly Hall on Friday, 16 June 2023 at 10:00 –13:00 (EDT) / 16:00 – 19:00 (CEST).

The event will be opened by the President of the 77th General Assembly, and will convene FAO Director-General, high-level policymakers, women leaders, renowned scientists, land activists, and youth representatives from around the world to discuss policies and actions needed to advance women’s land rights and promote stronger female leadership and decision-making power in sustainable land management. 

Efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems depend on the empowerment of all women and gender equality. FAO is fully committed to supporting countries in advancing women’s equal access to land and tenure security, with the strong partnerships across governments, farmer associations, civil society, academia and the private sectors. Join us to celebrate the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought and to contribute to advancing gender equality and land restoration goals to build a better future!

The event will be livestreamed through the UN Web TV HERE.

For more information on the Desertification and Drought Day 2023, please visit the UNCCD website HERE.